«The Sunflower MoneyWalk: Discover, understand, align.»


The MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse is open each Friday (except on holidays) from 10 am to 5 pm as well as Mo-Fri for guided tours in German after booking in advance (phone 044 242 76 80, prices on request).

You can book guided tours of the following exhibitions*:
* On the screens most of the exhibits are also described in English.

Ground floor

African Talhakimt pendants from agate from the 19th or 20th centuries. MoneyMuseum collectionWall showcases:
"Traditional Currencies from Africa, Asia and Oceania"
Here we show you money made of jewellery, feathers or other materials, and other means of payment from indigenous people.

Double showcase:
"Spear Money from West Africa"
Here we document the development from tools, or rather weapons, into money.

"Chinese Currency History"
Here we document the development from the cowry snail into the cash coin.

Digital gallery:
Here you find picture tours about the exhibitions in the ground floor.



"Bitcoin - the new digital currency?"

1. Showcase:

The Birth of Bitcoin

Bitcoin evolved from several currents of thought. We trace the most important ideas here and show how they influenced this new virtual currency.

 2. Showcase:

Mining Equipment und Storage

Here we show how Bitcoins are produced and stored.

3. Showcase:

Where can I spend Bitcoins?

How and where Bitcoin can be spent for various products and services.

Wall cases:

12 picture tours on the theme of Bitcoin

Learn the Bitcoin basics, including how to open a Bitcoin account, make and receive payments and how to use a Bitcoin wallet.

The texts on this platform are available for preprocessing or revision.


The machinery:
On show are a manual coin press, a drop hammer, a screw press and a rolling mill. In addition, there is a coin vending machine at your disposal by which a 20-rappen coin can be overstruck with the MoneyMuseum's own currency.


Treasure Chamber

Currently in preparation for the new exhibition "The Roman Republic".


Teaserbild MoneyMuseum

The museum about money and coins

Teaserbild MoneyForum

The forum for events and further education

Teaserbild MoneyLab

The playground for money experiments