«The Sunflower MoneyWalk: Discover, understand, align.»


"Money makes the world go around."

Song from the Film «Cabaret», 1972

  • Exploring the World of Money (These 5-minute podcasts entertainingly explore the topic of money)
  • Success Stories (Inspiring stories of individuals who ditched their safe, old lives and took risky journeys of self-discovery)
  • Sunflower films (“Show me the money!” Money movies to make you think)
  • Money Secrets (What is the secret of accumulating money? You may find a few tips here)
  • Your Financial Toolbox (There really are some practical skills you need to properly deal with money)
  • Sunflower Inspirations (Experts discuss important questions like: Can an economy function without money? What role should money play in society and in the life of individuals? Stimulating stuff!)