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The MoneyMuseum on iTunes U: content on the first page


Apple recommends the content of the MoneyMuseum on the educational platform iTunes U. Mentioned: «Movies about Money» and «Exploring the World of Money». Most interest comes from the USA and China.

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Nero 65 AD


Nero was quite a popular emperor in his day. And when he received the brother of the Parthian king, the whole of Rome had a celebration.

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A Journey in Pictures through Roman Religion


What is God? The roots of Roman religion lie much earlier than expected, much deeper, in dark, prehistoric times ...

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Philosophers and Money


Voltaire and Rousseau, the leading lights of the enlightenment, were well known to be intellectual opponents. And their attitude to money was just as different ...

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Letters to the Past


The Middle Ages

To sum up a whole millennium of (monetary) history on a few pages is probably impossible. The following letters to outstanding personalities want at least to try to do the impossible ...

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The Fascination of Gold


For thousands of years gold has strongly appealed to mankind because of its manifold attractive properties and its rarity. Here we present some facts ...

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News from the MoneyMuseum


Updated offerings on iTunes U

The MoneyMuseum expands its offering to iTunes U. A new film, an interesting video, research papers or an unknown money secret ....

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Why use financial graphs?


Are you bewildered by the daily comments on the financial markets. Why not doing it yourself? Here, financial graphs are explained in plain words. With the "5-point-method" ...

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A Journey in Pictures through Greek Religion


The respects in which the Western world, characterised by Christianity, and Islam differ and resemble one another are today an almost continuous subject of discussion ....

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The new website of the Sunflower Foundation has gone live


MoneyStory – all media at the click of a mouse

Under MoneyStory, all films, audio plays and publications of the past years are available for download or direct streaming. Films are also made for iPad, iPhone or smartphone. For example "Money Moves People", "The trillion Dollar Crisis" or "The History of Coins in China" …

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“Abolishing Money”


The MoneyMuseum's new publication

Abolish money? Why not? That there are difficulties with our money, as can be read in the MoneyMuseum's new brochure, has been shown not only by the latest downturn on the financial markets. No, that is something every low-income worker, who in spite of his efforts, is not getting anywhere, or every female small saver who is annoyed by the measly interest she gets from her savings, to mention only some of the reasons ...

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