«The Sunflower MoneyWalk: Leave your taboos at the door!»


The Sunflower Foundation wants to promote the social understanding for the modern monetary system and help people to clarify their individual attitude towards money. In doing so the foundation supports initiatives and projects that help this vision to come true. Above all the foundation makes the interaction between man, woman and money to the subject of discussion on its own platforms:

  • The MoneyMuseum, the museum platform for the Western history of money, throws light on money from a historical point of view, but describes also modern developments. 
  • The MoneyForum, the discussion platform, carries out lecture and discussion events on monetary and economic subjects.
  • The MoneyLab, the laboratory and play platform, introduces new projects.

With its platforms the foundation is directed at both experts and laymen alike. In doing so its aim is to stimulate a deeper discussion of money, reduce emotional barriers to financial matters and to increase the knowledge of economic and social connections.

Trademark and name giver of the Sunflower Foundation is the sunflower because of its ability to head for growth all its life in an unintentional, generous manner and with an individual expression.


Short video on website - press picture below

Teaserbild MoneyMuseum

The museum about money and coins

Teaserbild MoneyForum

The forum for events and further education

Teaserbild MoneyLab

The playground for money experiments